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Creating A Watermark

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3 Ways a Watermark is Placed on Paper:
Wire: A wire watermark is made by a handcrafted bent-wire die mounted on a special roll called a dandy roll. The die displaces wet paper fibers to create a light design within the paper.
Shaded: A shaded watermark is created using a die made of molded screen, also mounted on a dandy roll. The concave side of the screen is pressed into the wet paper, concentrating fibers within the design and creating a dark watermark (available for Genuine Watermarks only).
Combination: Combination: A watermark that contains both wire and shaded techniques can be used together on one dandy roll, creating complex designs in both light and dark (available for Genuine Watermarks only). You can specify where your private watermark appears on the sheet from the seven different placement choices. Of course, the size of the watermark will affect how many times it can be repeated.
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