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Printing Terms

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Metallic Ink
Metallic powders are added to specially formulated vehicles to create gold, silver and copper inks, offering natural opacity, and making them good choices for dark colored papers. Any color can be turned into a metallic by adding metallic paste. Varnishing metallic inks will avoid tarnish and oxidation, but will also reduce the metallic sheen.
Irregularly patterned screens that come in a range of textures from very fine to very coarse.
Opaque Inks
Containing white pigments that reflect light, opaque inks strengthen color density, and are often used on darker colored papers.
Pearlescent Inks
The base pigment is mica powder, which is treated with titanium dioxide. This has powdery flakes that give Pearlescent inks their sense of depth. Over time, Pearlescent inks have a tendency to yellow.
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