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Printing Terms

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Foil Stamping
Using a heat-pressure die-stamp process, foil is carried on a thin polyester film ribbon with heat applied when pressing the ribbon between the die and paper. The foil is released and fused onto the paper. While the foil-stamping process has not changed significantly over the years, the choice of foils includes metallic (matte and glossy), pastel, satin, pearlized, wood grain, holographic, marble, pigmented and clear stamps.
Refers to the uniformity and distribution of fibers within a sheet of paper. In a well formed sheet, solid ink coverage will go down smoothly. A poorly formed sheet will exhibit a mottled appearance when printed. Formation can be checked by holding the paper up to a light source: A well formed sheet appears uniform, while in a poorly formed sheet the fibers appear as clumps, giving it a cloudy look.
Four-Color Process
Process cyan, magenta, yellow and black are the primary colors of four-color printing, also known as CMYK.
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