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Printing Terms

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Creating a dimensional image through the use of a metal die and counter die, the sheet is pressed between these dies, while heat is applied to expand the paper fibers. Dies can be made to form single-level, multi-level or sculpted images. Simple embossing can be done quickly with magnesium or copper dies- metals that photoengrave easily. Hand-tooled brass dies are necessary for beveled, textured, multi-level or sculptured patterns and long press runs.
Designs are handtooled or photo-chemically etched into a metal die. The die is covered with ink and then wiped clean, leaving ink only in the "cut-in" design. Paper is then pressed between the etched die and a mirror-image counter die, transferring ink onto the sheet and creating an elegant raised impression.
Fluorescent Inks
Providing an electric quality to images, fluorescent inks have fluorescent dye added to their pigment. These are thin inks, and are dependent on light passing through them to bring out their iridescence. They also have poor light fast qualities for shorter shelf life than other inks.
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