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Printing Terms

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Color Transposition
Transposing color negatives (swapping magenta and cyan, for instance) is an easy and inexpensive way of achieving intriguing effects with conventional processes. Be sure to preview how the transposed colors will look on press by color proofing the image on the chosen paper stock before-hand.
A customark is a watermark made with a rubber printing plate treated with a tranparentizing solution that leaves a mark in the paper. This process produces a wire appearance in which the mark is lighter than the surrounding paper. It can be produced in smaller quantities and at a lower price than a genuine watermark which requires a dandy roll.
Die-cutting is done mechanically and by laser. Mechanical die-cutting is made using sharp steel rules formed into the desired shape and set into a wooden die. Mounted to a letter press, these rules are designed to cut, score or perforate when pressed against paper and a flat counter.
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