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Printing Terms

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Use of three halftone screens scanned at different screen angles, and printed in three colors. The strength of the scan, the choice of ink colors, screen size and pattern, and the color and texture of paper provide tremendous options for various results from tritones.
UV Ink
Ultra violet inks are used on presses, rather than with dryers between each press unit, allowing ink to dry quickly with more opacity and less absorption into the paper. Additionally, using UV white followed by process or match inks allows for printing on dark stocks in one pass, instead of the traditional drytrapping of opaque white ink followed with a second pass of additional colors.
Used to protect ink colors, and reduce scuffing and fingerprinting, varnishes are available in a range from matte to gloss finishes.
Waterless Printing
A method of printing that reduces dot gain because the inks do not pick up water or fountain solution. Waterless printing typically creates denser colors and better contrast.
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