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Printing Terms

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Stochastic Screening
Provides a random dot pattern, which tends to intensify colors and details, and is typically used for rescreening to avoid moire patterns.
A raised appearance is achieved by dusting a fine resinous powder (matte, gloss or semi-gloss) over slow-drying ink, then applying heat to melt and fuse the resin onto the ink. Any offset ink color, or even a clear resin will work and the image area can be any size. Thermography provides the advantage of speed, economy and flexibility, and a look with its own unique appeal.
An additional plate that "touches" a designated spot with an extra hit of a select color. A touchplate allows greater control over a single color, purer saturation, and a stronger impact of that color.
Transparent Ink
Normally used inks, both process and match are transparent and glossy.
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