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Questions to Ask When Specifying Paper:

• What is the intended use? (Folder, brochure, direct mail etc.)
• What is the budget for the project?
• How long will the piece be kept? (Annual report, reminder postcard, coffee table book)
• Does the piece have full ink coverage?
• Does the piece contain a lot of text and/or color photography?
• Will you need to write or print on the paper?
• What type of finishing/binding will be required?
• Does the project require a recycled sheet?
• Do you need a mock-up?
We specialize in various paper products including:
  •  Offset sheets and rolls
  •  Opaque sheets and rolls
  •  Coated sheets
  •  Text and Cover
  •  Pressure sensitive stock
  •  C1S and C2S board stock
  •  Special size/ requirement products

We serve Minnesota and the 4 state surrounding area.