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Recycled Paper Definitions:

Recycled Paper
A recycled paper by definition must contain some kind of waste product. There are three basic types of recycled waste, and it's their proportions in the paper mix that determine the environmental credentials.
Post Consumer Waste
This is waste that has 'outlived' its life cycle. It has been rescued from the waste bins of businesses, homes, schools and institutions and diverted from landfills. Typically, post-consumer waste includes cardboard, newspapers, magazines, stationery and other assorted papers. This waste can be put to good use, producing newsprint, cardboard and other products. However, to produce fine paper with post-consumer waste the waste must contain only fine papers.
Pre-Consumer Waste
Also known as post-commercial waste, this type of waste is usually found in paper converters' and printers' waste bins. It might contain unsold paper, including magazines and newspapers, trim from envelopes and binding from merchants, retailers and wholesalers. Mills have been recycling pre-consumer waste for years.
Mill Waste
Waste is also collected from paper mills and reintroduced into the papermaking process. Like pre-consumer waste, mill waste has always been recycled.
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